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Blog posted by Loop-Aznavour on Fri, 01 Jun 2007


It's been four long years since I started recording music in my makeshift studio. In that time a number of musicians have passed through the ranks, none of whom will receive a mention as they all seemed hell bent on recording cover versions. What exactly is the point of that? If you like a song at least have the imagination to steal it. It was after many months of this unpleasantness that I decided to go solo, just using people who were available at the time. As a result of this, if anyone treated a song in a disrespectful manner, they were simply erased from the recording and replaced with someone who didn't.

Listen closely to people who have an understanding of the principles of music and composition. Take their advice on how songs are constructed and mixed for the market. Then, and only then, should you disregard everything they've said.

We've opened up this website with two albums worth of material. The first, 16 Slaps From My Father, was recorded over an eighteen month period from 2004-2005. The second, Just Add Water, being recorded the following year. There is some new material being recorded as we speak but it is as yet untitled. This should be released sometime in the next few months.

Some of the music has occasional flaws, but must be heard as warts 'n' all recordings of the time. It would give me great delight in saying some are purposely "lo-fi" but, it's simply not the case.

So a big thanks to The Pickford Brothers for putting together this website and I hope the music gives you as many hours headaches as it has me recording it.


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Great gig at FC United today Dave. A natural entertainer and talented musician. Keep up the great work!


Great gig at Lake Bar at Fomfest. Are you Lady Gaga in disguise?


great gig at the shangri-la. apart from getting wet catching the tram, humping your amp but a great tram ride home keep up the great music


Where do we buy these works of genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loop Aznavour for king!! Free bubblegum for everyone!!!


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