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Oops! Magnetic Billiards and the new iPad.

Blog posted by JPickford on Mon, 19 Mar 2012
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint


I was already on the way to London for the Bafta awards on Friday when I heard the bad news. Magnetic Billiards wasn't working properly on the new iPad.

This was particularly bad timing as we'd just been featured by Apple on the front page of the UK app store so we were getting quite a lot of downloads and anyone firing up their new iPad for the first time would see Magnetic Billiards when they visited the app store.

Ah well. Nothing we could do at the time so no point fretting.

The problem turned out to be fairly easy to fix - the game just wasn't dealing with the new resolution properly and fell back to iphone 3 graphics packed away in the corner of the screen. As an added complication my iMac is currently refusing to update to Lion operating system due to a HDD fault so I can't install the latest tools and use the new iPad emulator. I need to send the machine back to Apple for repair but it's hard to find a good time when I can do without my main computer for a week or two.

Ste has the updated tools so I had to work blind and get Ste to test my efforts (transferring the files via Dropbox). After about two or three attempts the game was working properly on the new emulator and is now uploaded to Apple awaiting review.

Sorry to anyone affected by this. We really should hire a proper programmer.


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The new version is 'in review' already with Apple. Hopefully it actually works and will be available very soon.


Ste Pickford

The update should be available now.


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