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Now we're up to 98 million points in a single shot!

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Thu, 19 Apr 2012
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Ste Pickford

Andrew Davies is back! The top Magnetic Billiards player in the Leaderboards and the Hall of Fame has beaten yesterday's 84m scoring shot by Jim McCauley with an assured 98m shot. Surely the 100m barrier will be broken before too long?

Keep the shot videos coming!


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Hang on a minute ...

The single shot is worth about 89 million. 98 million is the final score for the game as a whole.


Ste Pickford

The actual shot score is 8.9 million (at 16 seconds in), then the Combo Bonus of 89 million is awarded later in the sequence (at 29 seconds in), which is the shot score x 10. So the whole lot added up (including the tiny Clear Bonus of 71k) adds up to 98 million.

The whole score before the this shot was only a few thousand, so the final game score is also 98 million.


OK - now I understand.



the expected buZz multiplier, Z = ((B-A-1)*N)+1

Shot score, S = T*Z*B

finishing Extras, E = ((T+Y)x(2^P)+10)*L

Final score, F = I + (1+C+1)*S + E



B=Bounce multiplier (number of times ball hits the wall +1)

N=expected buzz Per bounce

C=finishing combo increase

J=Buzz adJustment

I=score before final shot

L=lives remaining

P= number of pegs still left on the board

Y= is the tariff increase on forming the finishing shape (luckily the strings don't affect this)

NB1. J is an adJustment factor that depends on how much of the buzz run is completed before the first bounce and after the last bounce

NB2. The first 1 in the (1+C+1) factor is because the finishing combos are an INCREASE starting from 1. The second +1 is because you have to add finishing bonus to the shot score.

Lets put the numbers in from the video






J is approx 1






Z is approx ((14-1-1)*6)+1= 73

(actual was 72 so lets use that)





(actual was 71160 because the tariff didn't go up by 10 like it should have done after a collision, this sometimes happens after "noddy" shots which I think is a bug)

F= 223860+((1+9+1)*8940960)+71160

= 98645580 as per video

Simple :0

By using the formula you can calculate the maximum possible score with a given strategy.

Given a slightly higher tariff or a few more buzzes you can break 100 million.

I know that's possible because I've done it twice:0



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