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From a dusty old blueprint...

Magnetic Billiards

...to a brilliant new video game!

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint


Magnetic Billiards Screenshots

Screenshots from Magnetic Billiards games

With development work continuing on both released and unreleased Magnetic Billiards games, the screenshots below are a mix of finished game images and 'work in progress' images.

New features may be added even to released games, and some screenshots may show features in development or which may alter before release.


Download the Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint Press Pack from our Press Centre, to instantly grab the latest set of screenshots, logos, photos and background info.


Magnetic Billiards is a fresh familt of puzzle games by The Pickford Bros.

The first game, Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint for iOS, is available for download today.

We're currently working on the follow-up, Magnetic Billiards: Sardines, coming to iOS devices very soon.

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A game by The Pickford Bros

The Pickford Bros

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Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint, Tap! Magazine 100 Greatest Apps of All Time 2011

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