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Naked War


All about Naked War

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Naked War is a video game by The Pickford Brothers. It's a fun, turn-based, strategic battle game for two players.

• Two squads of four soldiers battle for supremacy on an island arena

• Drive tanks, fly helicopters, ride boats, or just shoot your opponent to bits!

• Incredibly easy to play, surprisingly difficult to master, a strategy game for everybody!

• Challenge anybody in the world!

• Play against opponents even when they are offline!

• Pick your team colour and join in the world-wide-battle with each game!

• Beautiful, fully destructible, 3D game world

• Fully customisable squads

• Design and upload your own islands with the easy-to-use map editor

Naked War is distributed exclusively online as a direct download product.
Its completely free to download, free to play, and free to register.
Try it out for free, today, from this website!

Microsoft Windows logo

Available for PCs with
Microsoft Windows
or higher


Optional / Recommended

1000 Mhz processor

3000+ Mhz processor

Direct X 7 or higher


3D video card 32mb RAM

3D video card 256mb RAM

64mb RAM

256mb RAM

40mb disk space

DirectSound sound card

Internet connection

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A game by the Pickford Bros.

The Pickford Bros

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