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Naked War


Frequently Asked Questions

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Section 1: Game

1.1. What sort of game is Naked War?

Naked War is a turn-based battle game for two players, played on PCs over the internet. The game is played on islands where two squads of four soldiers battle each other for supremacy. Each squad is controlled by a human player. Each turn a player plans the movement and actions of their soldiers, then sends that turn to their opponent before watching the execution of their plan on their screen.

1.1.1 What does 'turn based' mean?

'Turn based' means that each player takes their turn to plan and execute moves in the game - rather like a board game such as chess - instead of playing together simultaneously like a typical multiplayer video game.

A player can take as long as they like to carefully plan each move. There is no need for quick reflexes or 'twitch' gameplay skills, or any chance of being overtaken by a faster thinking player. Naked War can be played as slowly or as quickly as you like.

1.1.2 Is there a one player mode?

Not at the moment. We're always thinking about a computer AI mod, but it's a really big job. Almost another product in itself. The game is only designed to be played against other human opponents, although there is a 'sandbox' mode where players can practice using vehicles and moving units.

1.1.3 How does the game play over the internet?

The game allows the player to set up a turn (the equivalent to a move in a game of chess) which is then sent automatically over the internet to the Zee-3 server. A notification email is then sent to the opponent, with a link to download the turn from the Zee-3 website.

The opponent executes the downloaded turn file to launch Naked War which plays back the turn created by the player on the opponent's computer. The opponent can then set up a new turn in response, and the same process is repeated until the end of the game.

1.1.4 Is there a live online link-up mode?

No, we have no plans to add a live online link-up mode to Naked War. Advantages of using a turn based system are that players can take as long as they like set up their turn, players can play turns at a time that suits them - regardless of whether their opponent is online at the same time - and players can have multiple games against different opponents all running at the same time.

With a live link up mode at least 50% of any game would involve one player sat around doing nothing, staring at the screen while their opponent planned their next move. We think this would be boring. Our system means that you don't have to worry about making your opponent wait, or finding a time when your opponent is online. You can play each of your moves any time you want, perhaps replying instantly as soon as each email arrives, or maybe waiting until your lunch hour, or the end of the day, or even the end of the week, and then replying to all the turns recieved in session, at a time which suits you.

1.2. How do you win?

To find out how the game mechanics work, read the Quick Play Guide.

1.3. What are soldiers?

You play a military officer who is in charge of a squad of four human soldiers, who begin each game as Privates with a 'doofer' each. You can select the look and gender of each member of your squad, and name them, when you first log in to Naked War. They each move and shoot under your control, and can earn promotions in the field which will upgrade the weapons attack strength and their defence ability. Soldiers can drive military vehicles and capture buildings. They can't die, but if their health drops to zero they are 'demobbed', losing all military rank, uniform and weapon, and their doofer. Naked soliders in your squad are still involved in the game, but cannot attack or use vehicles until they are promoted back to Private.

1.4. What are vehicles?

Vehicles are expensive and dangerous pieces of military hardware, handily dotted around each island and available for use by soldiers of any team. There are four types of vehicle - Tanks, Helicopters, Boats and Gun Turrets, each with different properties.

Any empty vehicle can be commandeered by a soldier simply by jumping into it. While inside the vehicle, the soldier takes on the properties of that vehicle - Helicopters allow the solider to fly, Boats allow fast travel over water, Tanks offer increased protection, Gun Turrets launch devestating attacks, etc. Whilst occupying a vehicle a solider is unable to use or collect any pickup items.

1.5. How do I start a game against another player?

New games are started by issuing Challanges from within Naked War. A Challenge takes the form of a turn sent to your opponent, triggering an email inviting them to join you in a game of Naked War.

To issue a Challange you need to log on to Naked War using your Zee-3 username and password (registration is free). New users get to send one Challange for free, but after that you will need to request additional Challenge Credits. These are given free provided you don't have any games active. Your opponent does not need to make any purchase to play against you, they simply download the free version of Naked War which will be linked to in the Challenge email.

Each Challange should result in at least one hour's gameplay for both your and your opponent.

1.6. What are Officers?

Officers are registered players of Naked War. Anyone can become enrolled as an officer, for free, by first registering on the Zee-3 website to create a Zee-3 user account, then logging in to Naked War with their username and password. New players are enrolled with the rank of Cadet, and are assigned to one of the teams (red or blue). Higher ranks are awarded by purchasing a subscription, which also gives access to extra features, stats and other benefits.

Games played between officers on different teams are competitive games, and count towards your personal and your team's statistics, and the monthly competitions. Games played between officers on the same team are friendlies, and don't count towards you or your teams total wins / losses.

Players don't have to create an account an log on in order to accept a Challange from an existing Naked War officer. They just download the game and run the turn. However, because they haven't enrolled as officers these players will not belong to a team. They will fight in neutral colours (green), and such games will always be friendlies.

1.7. What are teams?

There are two teams - the Red team and the Blue team - and every Officer is assigned to one of these teams.

We keep track of the number of wins and losses each team has scored, and award prizes to active members of the winning team each month.

1.7.1. Hey, I'm on Blue team, but I wanna be on Red (or vica versa), what do I do?

Teams are assigned randomly whenever a player is enrolled as an officer for the first time (usually the first time the player logs in to the Naked War client).

Section 2: Technical & Development

2.1. What platform does this game run on?

Naked War is currently available for Windows PC only.

2.1.1. Where's the Mac version?

We'd really like to get Naked War on the Mac, but it probably isn't going to happen very soon. The game is written in Blitz3D, which doesn't have a Mac version, so we'd have to rewrite the game to get it on the Mac. Naked War version 2 will amost certainly have a Mac version!

2.1.2. What's the Linux version?

We have no plans to adapt Naked War for any other PC operating systems.

2.1.3. Why isn't Naked War on Xbox Live Arcade, or Sony PSP, or Nintendo DS? You guys are console developers aren't you?

Naked War would work very well on a number of console platforms, however we chose to develop Naked War as a self-funded, self-published 'indie' PC game.

There is no way we would have gotten anybody to fund us to make Naked War on any console platform with the freedom and flexibility we needed to make the game as it is. If we'd developed it as a console game it would have a movie license attatched by now, the email system would never have happened, the turn system would almost certainly have been dropped, it would probably have been turned into an urban FPS, and would have been rushed out about a year too soon in order to boost the publisher's end of year sales figures to keep their flagging share price up.

It would probably look a lot prettier and slicker, but it wouldn't be the same game.

2.2. What PC spec do I need to run the game?

The minimum required spec is pretty low, and is detailed on the title page. The recommended spec is a little higher, but still very reasonably by modern standards.

We've worked hard to make Naked War run on the widest range of PC hardware possible. There are lots of graphical options and settings to fiddle with to get the game running on older / slower machines (and to make it look nicer on newer / faster machines), and the turn based nature of the game means that it doesn't need to run at a super high frame rate to be perfectly playable.

However, PCs are strange machines, and its impossible for us to know exactly how the game will run on every different possible hardware configuration, so the best thing to do is download the game itself, for free, and try it out on your machine.

Section 3: Purchasing

3.1. How much will this game cost?

The Naked War game is free to download, install and play. There is no cut down or time limited demo - its the full version of the game.

However, certain features of the game and the website - primarily the ability to send multiple Challanges, access full stats, and join in with Community Games and competitions - only become available when you purchase a subscription. We are no longer selling subscriptions, but get in touch if you really want one, and we will sort you out.

3.2. What are subscriptions? Do I have to pay every month?

No. Our subscriptions are - or rather were - not recurring, they were one-off single purchases which added Challenge Credits to your account, and increasedyour rank.

There was no obligation to buy more than one subscription, and we expected that most players would only every need to purchase one subscription.

3.3. Can't I buy the game anymore?

Nope! The current version of Naked War has been switched into Free Play mode, so there's no need to buy it. We're going to be working on Naked War version 2 in 2010, and that will be available to buy, as soon as it's finished.



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