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Naked War


Free Play Mode!

Free play mode, with infinite Challenges for existing subscribers!

From December 2008 Naked War switched into Free Play Mode!

What Free Play Mode means is that we've made the game more welcoming and friendly to new players and non subscribers, by giving them more of the game for free, but we've also massively increased the benefits to subscribers.

From December 2009 we've stopped selling Naked War subscriptions, so it's completely free!

There are still additional features only available to subscribers, but if you ask nicely we'll give you a full subscription for free.

New players

New players get a single Challenge Credit when they sign up as a Cadet. This means that they can inititate one new game against anybody they choose. Once the game has finished they can request another Challenge Credit, for free, and they'll get one, provided they don't have any other games active.

Cadets cannot start multiple games, nor can they access the many website features available to officers, and they have to manually request a Challenge Credit from the Naked War Players Site every time they want to start a new game.


Players who subscribe are promoted to an officer rank, and get full access to the whole of the Players Site, with stats, rankings, competitions, and Community games. They also get at least 20 Challenge Credits.

This used to mean that an Officer could only start 20 new games before their subscription expired. The switch to Free Play Mode changes all that. Now officers don't consume Challenge Credits when they send out Challenges, so they're free to send out as many as they like, rather than just one Challenge at a time. The only limit is they can't send Challenges when they have more active games than Challenge Credits, but as Challenge Credits are never used up, this will almost never happen.

Download Full Version



Download Full Version

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A game by the Pickford Bros.

The Pickford Bros

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