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Naked War


Release notes for version 1.1.061002

2nd October 2006 - Compulsory update version (helicopter bug fixes)

This version fixes bugs inadvertently introduced in the last release. Because the changes implemented in this version affect gameplay, this update is compulsory to avoid games becoming out of sync between players with different versions.

Fixed Various bugs related to the Helicopter and 'Splash Damage' on bridge tiles

The main 'splash damage' problem was connected with bridges. Sometimes the code would mistakenly place the attack point (the place where maximum damage would occur) on the tile beneath the bridge. Other than that there's no inconsistency as far as we can tell; the helicopters are treated as though they are fixed distance above the attack point.

Most of the 'hit and miss' stuff with the helicopter attacks was the same bug. Attacks were doing no damage because the attack point was placed either below the bridge where it should have been, or on a bridge when it should have been below. This is all sorted now.

Removed Helicopter To Helicopter Attacks

Helicopter to Helicopter attacks are out for the time being. We want to see how it goes according to the original plan before giving up on it. If we decide to bring it back in it will be as a separate missile attack when attacking other Helicopters, with no ground strafing at all.

Helicopter Sheltering Bug

Helicopters can no longer take cover 'in' forest tiles, as if they were foot soldiers, by hovering above forests.

New 'Auto Camera Look' Switch

A new option has been added which allows you to switch off the camera auto centering when planning a turn. This option is found in Mouse & Camera Setup, in Options on the Main Menu. By default this switch is set to 'On', which matches the previous camera behaviour.

When this switch is set to 'Off' directly selecting a soldier in the field (via the 3D view) will no longer centre the camera, nor will any other actions. The camera will still centre on a soldier selected via the icons at bottom the left of the screen.

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