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Naked War


Why Buy Naked War?

What do you get that you don't get for free?

You can play Naked War for free, right? Why should you buy it?

Good question!

The answer user to be that you got loads and loads of extra features and benefits (see below).

However, since Dec 2009, we've stopped selling Naked War subscriptions completely, so you can't buy it even if you want to! However, it's still true that subscribers get loads of extra benefits, and they're listed below. So how do you get all these benefits if we're not selling subscriptions?

Easy! Just drop us an email and ask, we'll make you a full subscriber. For free. That's it! We're just happy for people to be playing Naked War while we're busy working on version two, which will be for sale.

But what are these extra features?

When the Naked War launched you had to buy a subscription to keep playing after a short trial. We gave everyone a free Challenge Credit (the ability to initiate one new game) just for signing up, but you had to buy a subscription to start more games.

Now we've improved the game so that even if you haven't bought it, you can still keep sending out Challenges and starting new games for as long as you like. Aren't we generous?

There are some restrictions though. You can only send a Challenge out after your previous game has been completed. If nobody challenges you, that means you can only really have one game active at a time. You then have to manually request a new Challenge Credit.

We give you a free player stats page when you register, but most of the features of the website aren't available for free, and you can't participate in Community Games at all - possibly the best bit of Naked War! Oh, and you remain flagged as a 'Cadet', without a cool Officer Rank.

And there's the small matter of giving the starving developers some money for all their hard work, and allowing them to put a crust of bread on the table...

Multiple Challenges and Active Games

When you purchase Naked War, you are no longer limited to only sending out one Challenge at a time, and begging for Challenge Credits when each game finishes.

You get at least 20 Challenge Credits when you puchase the game, but we've stopped using up Challenge Credits for Officers. You're free to start as many games as you like! The only limit is that you can't send out Challenges when you have more active games than Challenge Credits.

Your Incoming Turns, Pending Challenges and Active Games pages can get quite busy, but you can keep track of them all on your Player Stats pages.

New Maps!

From 2009 onwards, we're rolling out new content, exclusive to Naked War subscribers.

A new map is released every week for download, designed by the Pickford Brothers. (You can also design your own maps in the in-game editor.)

Subscribers can use these new maps when playing against non-subscribers, but non-subscribers won't be able to start new games using them.

Statistics and Rankings

Every Naked War player gets their own detailed statistics block on their player page.

Not only does this keep track of all your wins, losses, games played, players discovered etc., both for the whole time you've played and for the current month, it also measures your progress against the rest of the Naked War community.

You can view your ranking against all other players in every stat category, for this month or for all time.

Monthly Competitions

As well as keeping track of the best (and worst) players of all time, we also keep track of the best, worst, and most active players on each team each month.

In fact, the two teams (red and blue) are in competition with each other to take over the whole Naked War website each month, by achieving more wins than the other.

At the end of each month, we reset the competition, and award Rank increases and other treats to the best players on the winning team.

Visibility options

Every cadet who registers gets a block of private information on their free player page. This is expanded for subscribers to include a set of visibility controls.

Officers can set a response message, which is automatically relayed to their opponent whenever a turn is sent to them. Ideal for getting your taunts in early!

Officers can also toggle whether they're listed in the browsable player lists, and can also set their 'game lock' period.

Game Lock is for when you go on holiday, or will be away from the computer for several days. It protects you from disgruntled opponents ending games early due to your lack of response, and setting you as loser by default.

Community Games

Community Games are great! They're our favourite feature of Naked War, and we want you to play them!

In Community Games each turn is placed on the website, to be picked up by whoever happens to come along next. Your opponent will most likely be a different person each turn.

When you pick up a Community Game turn you're jumping in to the middle of an existing game. You have to assess the situation and make a difference with just one turn. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll download a turn and fire just one shot to win the game!

Red team members can only pick up Community Turn games sent by Blue team members, and vica versa.

Officer Rank and Star rating

You graduate from a Cadet to a full Naked War Officer by buying the game.

You earn higher and higher ranks by winning any of the regular monthly ranking competitions, or you can just buy a higher rank by paying more for the game and buying additional subscriptions.

There are 12 ranks in all, the highest of which is Field Marshall. Players achieving this rank become members of the Top Brass, and have a hand drawn custom portrait and avatar created for them by Ste Pickford.

Officers also have a Star Ratings visible on their stats page, which reflect their performance in all games to date.

Swap teams!

Red Team Insignia
Red Team

Blue Team Insignia
blue Team

When you register as a Cadet you are randomly assigned to either the Red Team or the Blue Team.

You might be happy with your team, or you might not, but as a Cadet you can't do anything about it.

When you buy a subscription to Naked War you are allowed to switch teams to whichever team you would prefer. Your record of wins and losses for your current team will be wiped though...

Support Indie Development!

Skint sketch

OK, feel free to ignore this one if you like. It matters to us though!

A game like Naked War would never get made in the mainstream video game industry. It's too quirky, and not similar enough to exisiting games to ever get commissioned and funded.

Games like Naked War only happen because people like us decide to make them off our own back. And we can only afford to keep doing that if enough people buy them. If you like Naked War, or just like the idea of games like this being made, buy it to help us to make the next one!

(Ignore that date on that sketch. It's still true now just as it was then!)


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