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Lucy's pitch

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sat, 31 Jan 2009
Subject: Naked War PC

Ste Pickford

My eldest daughter was delighted to see herself in a magazine this week.

The current issue of GamesTM has run a two page article about our difficulties attempting to get Wii Ware Developer status from Nintendo, and reprinted the comic strip I put together as part of the Wii pitch for Naked War, which I posted on this blog a few weeks back. They picked out a panel of the comic strip which was a close up photo of her holding a Wii remote, so she thinks she's nearly famous now!

Hungry for more fame, she decided to draw her own response to that comic strip, in the form of a pitch for Magnetic Billiards on the Wii. And here it is.


(The 'It hasn't got a name' bit was because she asked me what the original comic strip was called when she started drawing her version, and I just replied that it didn't have a name.)


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