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Naked War


Officer's Manual: Credits

Pickford Brothers logo
Designed and Developed by The Pickford Brothers

Zee-3 logo
Published and Hosted by Zee-3

Concept, Design, Code, Graphics, Website, Documentation

John Pickford & Ste Pickford

Voices, Sounds Effects & Music

Jeremy Corbett

Theme Tune ('Let Us In')

Loop Aznavour

Alpha testers

Perturbatio, zzHari, Oddball, Dave Roberts, Gerbick, Jay, HappyCat, Plissken, VIP3R, yilez, crizh, DaveT, Cheaves, Meerman, mrsambarlow, PurpleChair, Captain Crunch, frumious, QuickSilva, biglime, BinaryMoon, Andy, Rayn, Dotterel, S8N, arctic fox, DrDerekDoctors, Anaardvark, Lothar Hex, Glass Museum, Switchblade Honey, redneon, Snarty, Ed-E, trypnosis,

Thanks to

Michael Reitzenstein, Andrew Cross, Bernie Guy, Mark Sibly and the Blitz Community, VideoGaiden



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A game by the Pickford Bros.

The Pickford Bros

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