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Naked War


Officer's Manual: Movement

How movement distance and the Movement Bar works

Each soldier is allowed to move a certain maximum distance around the island each turn, using up to seven different moves. That distance is based primarily on how full the soldier's Movement Bar is, but is also influenced by whether the soldier is on foot or in a vehicle, the terrain type being travelled across, and the angle of the land itself.

Movement Bar

Movement Bar at 50%

Movement Bar at 50%

The Movement Bar starts at 50% full for each soldier at the beginning of the first turn in a game. During Turn Playback the Movement Bar empties according to how far the soldier moves, across which terrains and at what angles. At the beginning of the next turn each soldier is awarded a Movement Bar increase of 25%.

Unused movement distance in the Movement Bar can be saved for future turns, up to a maximum of 100%.

Movement Distance

Each step (travelling from one cell to the next) takes a minimum of 1% of the movement distance in the Movement Bar, so the theoretical maximum that any soldier can travel in one turn is 100 cells.

There is then an addition penalty added for the terrain type and the angle of the cell being travelled across, and these penalties vary according to the rank of the soldier or the vehicle he is occupying. Vehicle penalties always over-ride soldier rank penalties, so although a Corporal can usually move further than a Private, both ranks will be able to move exactly the same distance when occupying a Tank.


Low sheer vertical ledges below a certain height can be moved across by soldiers on foot or in Tanks, and are treated exactly the same as slopes of the same height in terms of their movement cost. Medium vertical ledges can either be jumped up or down by soldiers on foot, and high vertical ledges can only be jumped down. There is no limit to how far down a soldier can safely jump.

Move Planning

Move button

Move button

Selecting Move for any soldier in turn setup mode highlights the maximum distance that soldier is allowed to move during that turn, with yellow stripes, according to how much movement distance is left in the Movement Bar.

The highlighted area is calculated taking into account the different terrain types and angles around the soldier, and the penalties for the soldier's current rank or vehicle.

Yellow movement range stripes, and route arrow

Yellow movement stripes

Clicking anywhere within the highlighted area creates a Move command, ordering the soldier to move to the selected cell when the turn is played back.

If the Move was to anywhere at the edge of the highlighted area then all the soldier's available movement distance will be consumed in moving to that spot, and no more Move commands will be possible this turn. If the Move was to a point well within the edge of the highighted area then the move is only using a proportion of the available movement distance, and further Move commands may be added this turn.

When the Move command is selected again a new highlighted area is shown, this time calculated from around the point where the last move command ended, and based around the amount of movement distance which would remain if the previous Move command were executed successfully. A maximum of seven Move commands can be added for an individual soldier each turn.


Jump button

Jump button

Jumps allow soldiers to move up to two cells in a turn, but use up no movement distance. Jump commands may safely be used after Move commands to move the soldier a little bit further during a turn.

Move Playback

Movement distance is only consumed as the soldier actually moves during Turn Playback, and is always consumed at the rate it was planned to be consumed.

Logistics failure

It is possible for any Move command to fail part way through, during Turn Playback.

A change to the landscape during playback (perhaps caused by an explosion), or the movements of another soldier in the squad, may mean that the planned movement is no longer possible. If the move fails due to such a logistics failure then only the movement distance so far consumed will be deducted from the Movement Bar. The movement distance which was planned to be used, but wasn't, will be saved for the next turn.

Changing environment

If the environment changes during the turn playback, the cost of the planned move will remain the same, provided it can still be executed.

For example, if a soldier is executing a long move across a flat terrain using up half his movement distance, and an explosion causes that terrain to become very steep before he walks across it, the solider will still walk to his destination and use the same movement distance as planned on the flat terrain. There will be no additional cost in movement distance levied due to the steeper terrain.

However, if a solider in a tank is executing a move along a road, and an explosion causes the road to be reduced rock terrain before the soldier crosses it, the move will fail because tanks cannot cross rock, and the remaining movement distance will not be consumed.



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