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Naked War


Officer's Manual: Inviting, Discovering and Recruiting new players

How to become a Recruiting Officer, and what it means

Any Naked War officer, even a Cadet, may take on an a further responsibility in addition to commanding their squad of four crack soldiers - they can become a Recruiting Officer for Naked War. This brings with it certain benefits; increases in Discovered and Recruited stats and the chance for monthly rewards, free Challenge Credits whenever your recruits subscribe themselves - and for subscribers only, free Challenge Credits for discovering new players and even promotions to a higher rank.


Switch between sending to email addresses or usernames

Click the round arrow button to switch between sending to email addresses or usernames on the Challenge Screen

Any officer can become a Recruiting Officer by inviting a new player to join the Naked War community. To invite a new player the Officer must use the round arrow button on the Challenge screen to switch between sending to a username and sending to an email address. A Challenge can now be sent to anyone who's email address you know. The email address must not match that of any Zee-3 member (it will automatically be changed to the corresponding username if it does).

If no turn has ever been sent to that email address before, then the player who sent the turn becomes the 'Recruiting Officer' for the owner of that email address.


When the newly invited player responds to the Challenge and sends an Acceptance turn, the Recruiting Officer's 'New players discovered' counter is increased.

If the Recruiting Officer is also a subscriber to Naked War (if their rank is higher than Cadet) then they will also receive a free Challenge Credit. This means that the Challange Credit spent inviting this new player is paid back, making discovering new players completely free! Upon discovering their 10th new player, the Recruiting Officer will also be rewarded with a promotion to a higher rank.


When the newly discovered player registers on the Zee-3 website and logs in with their copy of Naked War for the first time - earning themselves a free Challenge Credit and becoming an officer Cadet - their Recruiting Officer receives a notification email, and has their 'New players recruited' counter incremented.

Its possible for newly discovered players to register before replying to their first turn. In this case the Recruiting Officer will receive a new recruit notification email and an increase to their 'New players recruited' counter before receiving their discovery reward.


When the recruited player purchases their first subscription to Naked War, their Recruiting Officer is rewarded with a FREE subscription of 3 Challenge Credits. The Recruiting Officer will receive the same free reward for any subsquent subscriptions purchased by any of their recruits. The Recruiting Officer will receive this reward even if they have not subscribed and are still at the rank of Cadet.

An officer with a lot of active recruits might never need to pay for a subscription again!

Recruiting Officer

Players who have discovered Naked War for themselves, and who registered on the Zee-3 website before ever receiving a Challenge, will have no Recruiting Officer.

Every player who ever received a Challenge addressed to their email address, before registring on the Zee-3 website, will have a Recruiting Officer. That Recruiting Officer can not be deleted or changed.

New players can only be recruited by sending Challenges to email addresses. Players who have registered on the Zee-3 website, but not played Naked War, cannot be discovered or recruited.



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