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Naked War


Tip 11: Logistics Failure

Problems executing your turn setup

Because the soldiers in your squad execute the commands you've given them simultaneously it's sometimes possible to set up a sequence of moves which is impossible to complete successfully, due to your soldiers getting in each other's way. When this happens we call it a Logistics failure.

The game doesn't stop you setting up moves which could potentially fail, as there are a lot of very clever but potentially risky move set ups which the careful player can take advantage of, and it's not possible to predict the final outcome of a sequence of moves at the setup stage due to the dynamically changing landscape during the turn's exectution.

Logistics failure

Here two soldiers are given move commands which cross over each other. The first soldier's final destination is right in the middle of the second soldier's path. When the turn is executed the first soldier arrives at his destination before the second soldier, and by stopping there becomes an unpassable barrier to the second soldier. The second soldier experiences a Logistics failure. He cannot continue, so this move, and any subsequent commands this turn, are aborted.

Logistics success

If the first soldier's final destination is not right in the path of the second soldier, but their paths still cross, there will be no problem. The second soldier will only be blocked for as long as it takes the first soldier to cross his path, then he will happily carry on walking to his destination and will execute all his subsequent commands.

The Pickford Bros., 18th August 2006




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