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Naked War


Tip 6: Conserving movement distance

Unused movement distance is carried over to the next turn

Whenever you move one of your soldiers, movement distance (shown by the Movement Bar) is consumed. The maximum distance a soldier can move in one turn is dictated by how full the Movement Bar is, the terrain being traversed, and vehicle type (if any).

using movement distance

At start of the next turn, on the Inspection Screen, each soldier recovers 25% of their Movement Bar. However, you don't have to use up all of a soldier's Movement Bar in one turn. Any unused movement distance is automatically carried over to the next turn.

saving movement distance

If you don't need to move a soldier anywhere, then don't - you won't be wasting the movement distance, you'll be saving it. After four turns without moving any solider will have a full Movement Bar, allowing the maximum movement distance in a single turn.

The Pickford Bros., 3 April 2006




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