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Naked War


Officer's Manual: Gun Turrets

Gun Turret

The Gun Turret is a vehicle of great strength and great weakness.

It has the most powerful attack of any vehicle in the game, but there is a heavy price to pay for firing a shell from a Gun Turret, and it is completely immobile with a fairly weak defence level.

Movement range

The Gun Turret is completely immobile. Once inside the occupying soldier can only fire, or jump out.

Attack and Defence levels

Gun Turret Attack and Defence Meters
Defence level: 10%
Attack level: 200%

The Gun Turret has a modest defence level, but an insanely high attack level. The attack level is actually 200% - higher than the Attack Meter can normally display, so the Gun Turret's Attack Meter also includes a 'x2' symbol to indicate that the attack level is double the ordinary maximum of 100%.

Attack type and range

Weapon Specification

Payload delivery system:


Ammo units per shot:


Impact radius:

6 cells

Attack range min / max:

3 cells / 100 cells

The Gun Turret has an effectively infinite maximum range (most islands are smaller than 100 cells wide), but a 3 cell minimum range. This stops the Gun Turret damaging itself, but also leaves a fairly large safe area around the Gun Turret where opponents can avoid direct attack.

The super high attack level means that the Gun Turret will always demob any soldier which takes a direct hit (200% attack is enough to beat a 100% full Health Bar and a 100% defence level), and will often demob soldiers caught within the attack radius. The 6 cell wide attack radius means that a large crater will be left by the shell's impact, so the Gun Turret can also be used to cause dramatic changes to the landscape of the island.

The price to pay for this power is that each attack uses all four ammo slots. Its not possible for a soldier to fire a Gun Turret twice in one turn, and very often a soldier will have to wait a few turns before he can fire at all.

Special properties

The Gun Turret is the only vehicle that is completely immobile which, combined with its weak defence level and limited firing opportunities, makes occupying a Gun Turret a dangerous position for any soldier to be in.

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