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Naked War


Top Brass

Listed on this page are the 'Top Brass' - the best and highest ranking Naked War officers. These are players who've risen to the rank of Major General or higher, or attained a special rank.

Players who join the ranks of the Top Brass get their own custom portrait and avatar, drawn by Ste.

Every player has an officer rank, starting at Cadet. Promotions are earned by subscribing, by earning in game achievements (playing and winning a certain number of games), and most of all by coming top in the Monthly Player Rankings.

zzHari in his academy days

Player since:

27th May 2006 (alpha tester)

Promoted to Top Brass:

Friday 23rd June 2006


Winning every single Player Ranking table (other than most games lost) in the first month.

Important note:

It's pronounced "zed, zed", not "zee, zee"!

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Chopley Turnip planning his next turn

Player since:

13th August 2006

Promoted to Top Brass:

Thursday 24th October 2006


The simple strategy of sending more turns, playing more games, and discovering more players than anybody else ever!

Important note:

Defected to the Red Team at the end of October 2006. The Blue Team just wasn't big enough for both Chopley and zzHari!

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A tip of the hat from jimmymac

Player since:

28th August 2006

Promoted to Top Brass:

1st November 2006


Earning ranks every which way - purchasing subscriptions, winning monthly competitions, and being the Lucky Lucky sender of the 30,000th turn.

Important note:

Promoted to the Top Brass despite being by far the all time biggest Naked War loser at the time of writing!

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Player since:

5th December 2006

Promoted to Top Brass:

27th April 2007


Winning the monthly ranking tables month after month after month. The guy's unstoppable!

Important note:

Dominated the monthly ranking charts for pretty much all of 2007!

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