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Mission Omega loading screen

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Thu, 12 Feb 2009
Subject: Omega Mission

Ste Pickford

Another old loading screen from the archive. This was for an Amstrad game that I think was called Mission Omega, but might have been called Omega Mission. I don't know, I never played it. This was the first screen they asked me to do on work experience at Binary Design in 1986.

It was quite odd really that I was given a bunch of loading screens to draw on a work experience placement, as in many ways the loading screen was the most fun job on a project for the artist.

I think I spent more time designing the lettering on this screen than on the rest of the picture.

I used to always get the spellings wrong when doing the lettering on loading screens like this. There was no cut-and-paste, or ability to move bits of the image around the screen. All you could do was plot pixels at their final screen position. I'd spend a whole morning working out the size of each character in pixels, and spacing it out on the screen, before starting to manually draw each letter. With so much focus on close up pixels it was easy to forget the word you were writing. More than once some programmer would walk past later in the afternoon and point out that I'd missed out a letter, and I'd have to scrap it all and start again from the beginning.


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