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Silversword concept art - Worm

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Fri, 10 Apr 2009
Subject: Wizards & Warriors 3

Ste Pickford

Another little bit of concept art from the spec of our NES game Silversword (or Wizards and Warriors 3 as it was eventually known), from 1988.

This guy was a intended to be one of those R-Type style bosses made of a string of sprites forming a giant worm or snake, but I think it ended up in the game more like a giant floating head (unless I'm getting mixed up with another enemy).

Incidently, we never used colour in any concept art around this time, even though the games we were developing were in colour. Colour photocopying was incredibly expensive, and the thought of owning a colour printer was laughable (even in the early 1990s we were printing out game design docs on dot matrix printers, and writing them on Word Perfect in DOS).

One time Rare really impressed is by sending back a copy of one of our game designs (I think it was for this game actually), with a single page of full colour cover art they'd mocked up. Wow - they had their own colour photocopier! That was flash.


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