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Cosmic Pirate intro sea

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Tue, 05 May 2009
Subject: Cosmic Pirate

Ste Pickford

This is an insanely detailed piece of pixel art, that was seen for about 5 seconds as part of the intro to Cosmic Pirate on the Amiga / Atari ST.

The game was a top-down scrolling shooter set in space, and you played a pirate who attacked and stole massive multi-screen sized space ships.

We came up with a little intro sequence when the game first loaded, showing a traditional skull and crossbones flag flapping over the sea, which faded into our updated sleek metallic skull and crossbones logo design floating over a starfield.

It was a perfectly good idea, and implemented well enough, but just not a big deal as it was over so quickly. This sea image took me absolutely forever to draw though, as you can probably imagine by looking at it. OK, the top half was easy enough (mainly just a gradiant, radial fill, with a bit of tidying up), but there was no shortcut to the swirling waves.

It was done in trusty old Dpaint, which was a brilliant art package at the time, but by today's standards would no doubt seem incredibly primitive. There were very few tools at my disposal for this kind of pixel work, other than zoom, and plot a pixel, from a palette of 16 colours.

I regretted making the waves so intricate almost as soon as I started, but it seemed like it would be a waste of time to start all over again. I would have been better off if I did. I can't remember for sure, but I think I was working on the sea, off and on, for a couple of weeks.



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