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Venom Spirit - Island HQ

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Wed, 12 Aug 2009
Subject: Venom Spirit

Ste Pickford

Another page of concept art for our planned SNES game, Venom Spirit - intended to be our follow up (but not sequel) to Plok!

This is more or a map or diagram of the bad guys' HQ, where a big chunk of the game would take place after the airship battle (which leads to crashing into the sea), and a big fight with a robot gorilla in the jungle on the island at the top.

I think the spiral in the middle was going to be a sliding / falling sequence or mini game. We wanted every scene to be dramatic and action-packed, like a Bond movie, with no let up, or long repetitive sections, if we could help it.

The vague way that I've sketched the underground base at the bottoms shows that I had no ideas for this bit whatsoever at this point!


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