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Cosmic Pirate - comic strip #1

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Thu, 17 Sep 2009
Subject: Cosmic Pirate

Ste Pickford

This is one of three little comic strip drawings I did for our Amiga / Atari ST game Cosmic Pirate, from the late 1980s.

They were for a feature on the game in one of the UK video game magazines at the time. I think we did them for free, just to get a bit more publicity for the game. I can't remember the magazine they appeared in.

There were also a couple of little 'tip' drawings to go with them.

I remember that I actually did a lot more drawings like these for the publisher, Palace, to send out to other magazines, but they were lost in the post, which was a shame as I'd sent the original drawings and didn't have any copies. That was when I learned that if you're sending valuable items to a video game company, don't plaster the video game company's name all over the envelope - that's just making it look more attractive to the odd postie who wants to pocket a free copy of a new game! Heh, I still chuckle when I think how disappointed that postman who nicked our parcel must have been when he got home and ripped it open, only to find a few black and white drawings instead of a loads of unreleased video games.


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