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Tinstar font

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Mon, 21 Sep 2009
Subject: Tinstar

Ste Pickford

This is a nice little wild-west style font that I did for Tin Star, the SNES light gun game we did for Nintendo in 1994, a contract they gave us as some kind of compensation for not giving us the follow up to Ken Griffey Baseball (that went to Rare), despite us doing a brilliant job on the first Ken Griffey game.

The characters are all 16 pixels high, and 16 pixels max (for upper case) or 8 pixels max (for lower case) wide. Each character has its own width though, and they should be positioned horizontally according to their width value.

Its not a good font for reading large chunks of text in - it was really designed with titles and headings in mind. Unfortunately Tin Star had loads of cut scenes, with a long (and very humorous) script, and we made the mistake of expecting players to read it all in this thematically appropriate, but not very readable font.

You live and learn!


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