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Powerfest Font

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Mon, 28 Sep 2009
Subject: Untitled

Ste Pickford

Another couple of old 8-bit bitmap fonts that I drew whilst at Software Creations, around the time we were doing lots of SNES games.

The 8x16 pixel headline-style font was for a cartridge called Powerfest which we did for Nintendo of America. This was for a competition where they went around shopping malls in the US inviting players to compete for high scores in a number of games. Ken Griffey Baseball was one of the games (which we had just finished for NOA, and which was why we were asked to make the cart), but a couple of other Nintendo games had to be on the same cartridge (Mario Kart and one other, I can't remember), and there was a little front end to select which game to play and which remembered your score between the games, and that front end used this font.

I don't think it ever appeared in a proper game.


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