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Vampire Circus concept #19

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Fri, 31 Oct 2008
Subject: Vampire Circus

Ste Pickford

Seeing as it's Halloween I thought I'd post something appropriate.

This is a page from my concept art sketchbook for a project called 'Vampire Circus', which was intended to be our first game when we formed our studio Zed Two in 1996.

The game was a vampire / zombie themed game. Probably somewhere between Gauntlet and Dead Rising. We got quite far with a playable prototype on PC, and we had a fairly ambitious water and fire simulation system planned (you could set fire to anything in a level, or flood the whole level). John coded a prototype of the water sub-system in demo form.

What happened was that we loved playing with the water demo so much, we turned that into Wetrix, and that ended up being our first release as Zed Two!

Ocean actually signed us up on a two project deal, to do Wetrix and Vampire Circus, but Infogrames took over and made us do Taz Express on the N64 as the second game.


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