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Zub 128K Intro

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Sun, 26 Nov 2006
Subject: Zub

Ste Pickford

This screen, which was part of the 128k intro sequence for Zub, illustrates just how pressured for time we were during development.

The game was called Zob for most if its development life. Then, just as we were finished, our boss got a frantic call from Ron Harris at Mastertronic demanding to know why we were f*cking him about. Apparently he'd just come from a meeting with his French distributors who'd demanded that Zob be removed from the sales list. It turns out that Zob is some French slang word for penis!

We were of course delighted by this unexpected bonus, but Mastertronic demanded we change the title immediately. The whole game was completely finished at this point, so we had so scramble around for the easiest possible change, and Zob to Zub was going to be the least work.

I was able to slightly re-draw the loading screen and in-game logo on the panel, but mustn't have had time to redraw the logo on the credit sequence, so John just bodged a couple of paper black / ink black attribute squares over the top of the 'O' in this little logo. We probably did all the changes to the graphics, text and loading screens, then remastered the game and ordered a courier to bike the new cassette to London, in about an hour.


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looks like a horror game


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