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Venom Spirit

Archive entry by Ste Pickford on Wed, 28 Jan 2009
Subject: Venom Spirit

Ste Pickford

This is the title page to a game design document we did sometime around 1993, back when everything was done on paper with phtocopiers and letratone.

Venom Spirit is a great title, isn't it?

This was just after we'd licensed our concept / game design for Plok to our employers Software Creations, and directed the development of the game internally for the SNES.

We felt flushed with success, and Venom Spirit was going to be our 'follow up'. The game was completely unrelated to Plok, but it was an new character and an original game design for the SNES, which John and I worked on near constantly for about two years in our spare time.

We did the deal with Software Creations, and the game ended up in development briefly (with some cool tech too), but, as is so often the case with jobbing development studios, being paid to do movie license games is a much more attractive proposition than risking money making original IP, so the game was dropped in favour of a Cutthroat Island game for Acclaim (with the cool tech being used in that game instead), and Venom Spirit never happened.

I've got tons of design sketches, concept art and storyboards though, some of which I'll stick on the Pic Blog over the coming months.


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