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Magnetic Billiards Test Panel

Blog posted by JPickford on Mon, 27 Apr 2009
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Seriously Casual


This is the test panel which appears in (our version of) Magnetic Billiards when we boot it up. It's just a window with links to any windows we're working on at the moment.

I'm currently spending most of my time on our new project but I booted up MB the other day to see all of these links which represent what Ste's been up to recently. Each link (underlined word) represents a script defined window that Ste has built for the game. The scripting system is just a simple mark up language which defines the contents and layout of a window.

I was staggered by how many of these Ste has built recently. As well as scripting the layout he's writing the text and producing illustrations where necessary. And we keep coming up with ideas for new stuff so I think there will be many more scripts produced before we're done.

I still get a kick out of seeing new content added to the game which I (as the coder) didn't have to implement specifically or even do a recompile. I'm sure scripting systems like this are fairly mundane nowadays but this is the first time I've worked this way and it makes me feel almost like a proper programmer.


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