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Blog posted by JPickford on Thu, 25 Mar 2010
Subject: Art of Soccer


The great thing about independent development is you can come up with a new idea and instantly change direction without having to consult anyone or get approval from someone who might not really understand the game. It feels like we're making the best game possible rather than trying to please a publisher or service a long out of date design document. Certainly, I think the games we've developed this way are the best we've made.

I think we've just come up with a way to turn a game designed for 2 players into a very strong single player game (in addition to the 2 player mode). The one player mode has the added advantage of being an excellent tutorial for what is a fairly novel game mechanic. The AI will operate the game interface in the same way the player and explain itself as it plays. Well that's the plan anyway....


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Ste Pickford

I have fixed the typo in your title...


Well done to Ste for fixing that typo!

What a star.


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