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Blog posted by JPickford on Fri, 26 Mar 2010
Subject: Art of Soccer


After nearly 30 years of coding (on and off) I still haven't the slightest clue how long a given task is going to take. Sometimes I can write and debug something massively complicated in a day. Other times I can spend a couple of weeks on something trivial. Or I can get totally 'blocked' for days and can't write a line of code - then it all comes flooding out in a mad coding frenzy.


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Sorry if I am not understood I am using the translator google

I am a fan of plok, it is my favorite game, I want to thank them for creating this game, if you could do the same game for the nintendo ds or psp

If plok had triumphed ... up to hize some time ago a chief for plok called the king of the fleas

Not wise where to put this message

Good, up to other one and thank you!!

And sorry if I am not understood

hasta luego


I'm also a fan of Fleapit! ;)


Me who tought this happened to newbie or mediocre programmer, I feel reassured :-)


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