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Brush panel

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 28 Dec 2008
Subject: Comics

Ste Pickford

Another comic strip type image, for Sunday, with only a vague connection to video game development (I've actually drawn a couple of comic pages over the Christmas break, but I haven't coloured them in yet, so they'll appear some time in the new year).

This is a panel for a comic strip I drew written by, and starring, my friend Paul. I was experimenting with inking with a brush - like all the great artists do - and the experiment was only partially successful. Inking with a brush is really hard! This was probably the best panel, which is why I've posted it, rather than the whole strip.

I've always used fibre tip pens or Rotring drawing pens to ink with. I'm not used to the unpredictability and subtlety of brushes. I guess that's their strength, but for a novice like me, that's their weakness.

I also have to draw larger than I'm used to (this was from a 9 panel page, drawn at A3 size). I'm more comfortable drawing at a really small size (all the previous strips I've posted on this blog were drawn at an A5 page size). I get a bit lost and scared when faced with the acres of blank page you get working at A3.

The video game connection? Paul (the guy above) is an old friend who I've published fanzines with in the past, and who's not only also a really good comic artist but a veteran video game developer too!


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