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CLUSTER BOOK - Blueprint new feature #5

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Fri, 24 Feb 2012
Subject: Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

Ste Pickford

Here's another little demo of one of the new features coming in Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint version 2.0 - by popular request, the personal Cluster Shape Identification Card booklet!

John thinks I'm getting better at these little promo videos, "quite polished", was the phrase he used. Ha! I think I'm still rubbish.

Anyway, what we have here is a nice little feature that a few players have asked for from version 1.0.

You'll remember the square Cluster Shape Identification Cards that pop up within the Classic Game whenever you make a recognised Cluster? Well, we've also added them to the front end of the game, in the form of a book that builds up with a page for each Cluster Card you've found in the Classic Game.

The book starts off empty when you install the game (even for long time v1.0 players, sorry!). Then, each time you create a recognised Cluster for the first time and the card appears in the game, a page corresponding to that card is added to your book.

The page includes precise details of the exact reward earned for building that Cluster, which can be a big help when trying to work out strategies for earning really high scores. There are also a few clues as to how many Cluster Shapes are available in total.

Finally, there's an achievement available for anyone who completes their Cluster Shape book by finding every Cluster in the game, and unlocking every page (and yes, that includes the super-hard, mega-rare Cluster shape that we accidentally forgot to include in version 1.0!).


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Suggested cluster: pseudosquare - a 3x3 parallelogram. Pretty sure I made one by accident and was surprised not to get any points for it.


Ste Pickford

Ohh, that's not a bad idea. That's not a shape that's in there at the moment, but maybe it's one we could add...


Very cool inclusion! Now if these clusters could only become recognized in one of the Arcade modes (but, yeah, clearly in some sort of modified way as the Classic rewards would not entirely make sense in Arcade).


Sorry, wrong name - it’s a super diamond.


Ste Pickford

Super Diamond - yeah, I like that!


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