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#3 BAFTA diary - The bad news...

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Tue, 20 Mar 2012

Ste Pickford

Once we'd run the gauntlet of disinterested photographers we were whisked through the Nominees check-in desk and then passed from one nice BAFTA person to another, each of whom promised to look after us for a while before passing us on to the next person, before eventually we stopped to have our official photo taken.

At this point we'd just learned in the car on the way that Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint was broken on the new iPad. The same new iPad that had just had a record breaking launch that very morning, selling about 3 million units.


We didn't have a new iPad ourselves, and a problem with John's development machine (which was refusing to update the the latest OS X version) meant that he didn't have the latest dev tools either, so we hadn't been able to check in advance.

It turned out the game only rendered in a tiny 16th of the screen postage stamp area in the top left on the Retina screen, while the touch controls remained full screen, thus rendering the game unplayable on the new hardware. It was obviously just a daft little mistake, and it would be trivial to fix, but not while we were in a car to London.

Oh, and we were also on the front page of the UK App Store as a featured app, for the first time ever, just as all these new iPads were being delivered and their owners were looking for their first fantastic looking Retina game to download...


You can see in John's face, as he tries to smile for the camera, that all he's thinking about are the dozens of incoming 1-star App Store reviews from angy new iPad owners, probably probably being typed (in beautifully rendered pin-sharp text) right that second.


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John looks like The Master in the Who story, Planet of Fire. Can't post a link so you'll just have to Google it.


Ste Pickford

Haha, yeah, so he does! Brilliant!


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