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#4 BAFTA diary - The Reception

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 21 Mar 2012

Ste Pickford

Once we'd had our photo taken we went to join the incredibly busy 'champagne reception', which was basically far too many identically dressed blokes squeezed into a very loud room, along with lots of ladies in pretty dresses, many of whom had clearly never written a video game in their lives.

While squashed up against a pillar, feeling a bit out of place and uncomfortable, I was nudged slightly by somebody behind me, who said 'excuse me' and carried on pushing through the crowd.

"Asher D just told you to fuck off," said our John. I looked round, and the nice man who'd politely squeezed past was indeed the rapper / actor.

"Nah, he said 'excuse me'," I explained to John.

"But then he mouthed 'fuck off' under his breath at you..."

Hmm, John was only on his first glass of champagne, so I wasn't sure if he was drunk enough yet to start being mischievous and winding me up. I didn't have time to think any more about it as we were then told to all go and sit down for the meal.

As we thronged into the next hall and worked our way to our table I saw Mr D in front of me, looking for his table. Should I have a go at him for swearing at me? Nah, best not. It's too early to be kicking off, and I have an award to give out later.

Then onto the posh meal. Pictured is the whole of John's meat-based meal, which was apparently very, very nice.


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It's like being there again...


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