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#5 BAFTA diary - The Meal

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Thu, 22 Mar 2012

Ste Pickford

And to complement John's photo of his meal in the last post, here's the photo of my veggie meal...

Well, I did get to eat in the end, but despite all the dietary request forms and careful advance checking by BAFTA, nobody seemed to have told the waiters that there were two vegetarians on our table, so we kept getting plates of meat dropped in front of us which were then whisked away when we said we were vegetarian, only to be instantly replaced by another plate of meat by another ultra efficient waiter, until finally we'd explained to every one of them that we didn't want any meat, thank you! You get used to this kind of thing when you're a veggie, and when the food did finally arrive it was very nice indeed.

The table we were sat on included Chris Kingsley and Philip Oliver, so it had a bit of a British Games Industry Brothers thing going on. No Darllings or Stampers unfortunately, which would have been too awesome to contemplate.

I'd never met Chris before, and I was really keen to tell him what a big fan I am of 2000ad and what fine health that comic is in at the moment. In return he told us a few bits and bobs about the Judge Dredd movie currently being made. Video games, pah! It was smashing to catch up with Philip Oliver, who I'd met once before in Japan, and I was also sat next to a nice man from BAFTA who made sure the drinks kept flowing as we ate, which was handy.


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