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#7 BAFTA diary - The Winner

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 28 Mar 2012

Ste Pickford

Before we got up to give out an award, there was the small matter of the category we were nominated in being announced.

The BAFTA man told us that someone would come to our table and take us backstage in time for us to do our presentation, unless we won, in which case we'd already be backstage.

Was that a clue? Did the BAFTA man have a little twinkle in his eye as he said, 'unless you win'? Did he know already?

We weren't expecting to win the award, in fact we knew we had no chance whatsoever, but that was yesterday. Now that we were a few minutes from the award being announced suddenly it seemed possible, maybe even likely, that we would win it. Of course we'd win, it's practically in the bag! Crap, I haven't got a speech ready, and I'm a bit drunk... Must remember to thank my Mum for buying John that ZX81 for Christmas in 1981, and kicking this whole thing off for us. She'll be watching at home...

My mind was a blur as the the videos played for each game. Our game suddenly looked incredibly poor to my eyes compared to all the others. Don't be stupid, how could that piece of crap possibly beat Dead Space. Hang on, we're nominated, of course we can win it. They'll give us the award to encourage indies and low budget games. We've definitely won it. We can't possibly win it. Aargghh!!

And the winner is... Peggle HD.

What? Eh? Now that was a surprise! Peggle is a great game, but it had to be Mario or Quarrel, surely? Mario was, objectively, the best game on the list, but you could understand Nintendo not getting yet another award. Quarrel was the best example of an ace indie developer bringing out something world class against the odds, so was the sort of game that deserved a big award. Maybe even the Nightjar game would get it for being weird and unusual? The only games I knew couldn't possibly win were the two boring EA games, a Dead Space franchise extension, and HD remake of a five year old game.

What do I know?

Oh well, it was still great to be nominated. I had a quick cheeky moan on Twitter, but was relieved that it was all over with. I could start getting drunk now!


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Hey, EA paid good money for that award. How dare you question it?


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