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Naked War iOS icon - finished!

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 23 Jan 2013
Subject: Naked War iOS

Ste Pickford

This is the finished Naked War iOS icon, following up the rough concept sketches I posted yesterday.

I'm quite pleased with it, especially with the 'fruity' colours. I did spend a lot of time tweaking the skin tones, over and over, going round in circles, until I got something that I was happy with. I'll probably look at it in a few days and decide the colours are all wrong, and tint it differently.

The sketch had a orangey explosion in the background, which seemed like a great idea, but looked horrible when I tried it in colour. Too much yellow! Switching to a plain green background looked nicer, and still suits the look of the game. I also added a very slight blur / bloom effect at the end, to soften it all, which improves this big version (which is for display on the App Store), but probably won't be visible at all as a small icon.

Somebody commented on the sketch saying that it looks like the two characters are kissing (particularly in combination with the title). I'm not sure if that was a joke or not, but hopefully that's not the impression given by the final version. I guess I won't complain if we get the same number of downloads as the Grindr app.

I knew I wanted to go for a clean look, and I really should have done this graphic in vectors (which I joked about on twitter before I started), but I totally chickened out and did it in Photoshop, not Illustrator. It's probably insane to do a graphic like this in Photoshop. I keep telling myself to spend some time getting to grips with Illustrator, but I've been working in bitmaps for about 30 years now, and I always think I'll get things done quicker using the familiar tools that I know inside out.


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You should have done it in Illustrator it would have been faster and better.



I think it looks great.

Very excited seeing the screenshot also from the ios version.

Have I missed the boat or are you looking for any testers?

I would love to give it a crack.

Hope you are all well.



Ste Pickford

Nope, you haven't missed the boat. We'll be calling for testers really soon. I'll let you know!



Christmas coming twice this year


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