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Vol 2 cover - inks 1

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Sun, 09 Nov 2014
Subject: Plok comic strip

Ste Pickford

These are the lovely neat inks for the background, done with my trusty 0.5mm Rotring Isograph pen (the same one I use for each episode of the comic).

The inking here took ages, but it was nice, mindless work that didn't require any decision making, so I could do it over a few evenings even after my brain was fried from working all day.

I still don't do any inking on computer. Partly as the comic is deliberately a change of pace from doing video game graphics, but partly because my crappy little Wacom isn't quite up to it. If I ever get enough money for a nicer, more up to date Wacom pad (or even - dare to dream - a Cintiq), then I might try it. I've recently got myself a copy of Manga Studio, so that might tip me over into digital inking as well, although I've not found time to try it out yet.


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Hi Mike Milo! Of course I reemmber you! : )How's it going? Thanks for coming by the blog and the nice words!Re: the Cintiq: it's all Photoshop, all the time(PS CS2)...the brush that I used for that Pickord drawing is one my friend invented from the standard Photoshop preset brushes, just altered--I have several, a couple I've made and my favorites that are from my co-story friends--who are experts at PS. This one is mainly a result of taking a regular, medium-line pen, and altering the brush details in the brush window. If you have access to PS, play with the "shape dynamics" and "other dynamics" and you'll get all kinds of cool variations in pressure-results, the texture--and the point of this one was made into an almost calligraphic shape, too(another thing you can tweak). I don't know if this helps...it's mostly a matter of fooling around until you get a result that looks good to you. : )


Ste Pickford

Since doing this I've got a better Wacom pad, and I've also got Manga Studio. I'm starting to draw more in MS as it's brush settings feel much nicer.


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