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Another True Story

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 21 Oct 2015
Subject: Comics

Ste Pickford

I've been getting to grips with Manga Studio recently, and this is a daft little comic strip I did as an exercise to get my head around some of the features, particularly colouring.

Mango Studio is great for drawing with (despite the low quality of the drawings in this strip), but I don't think I like colouring in with it. I'll probably stick with Photoshop for now.

The intelligent flood fill for flat colours is brilliant, and I can see that being a real time-saver, and the half tones are amazing and loads of fun (free Letratone!), but some of the tricks and effects I use in Photoshop aren't available, and the whole application feels clunky and slightly awkward to use.

It's worth putting up with the slight clunkiness when actually drawing and inking, as the brush tools are lovely, but colouring (or shading, more accurately) felt a bit too much like I'm fighting against the application.

Oh, and since drawing this my daughter has *really* got into watching documentaries on Netflix, and keeps telling me about docs she's watched. Not B2B though, obviously.

She's trolling me.


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