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Digitiser cover process 2 - pencils

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 09 Jan 2019

Ste Pickford

These are the finished pencils, done in Clip Studio Paint. Each of the panel members are drawn on separate layers, and there's a separate layer for the background characters, so I could move them about, rotate or scale them separately if needed, to tweak the final layout.

This stage was actually a fair bit quicker than the layout stage, believe it or not. Partly because as part of the layout stage I spent a lot of time watching through each episode of the show, freeze framing it, slowing it down, picking out favourite poses for each character and panel member, capturing stills of various props and background elements for reference, etc.

I'd also spent a while getting the shapes and lines for the four background quadrants right in the layout stage, so my prep was done.

With all that in place, the pencilling process was fairly straightforward and enjoyable, although I found getting the likenesses right for Octav1us, Jenny and Paul quite tricky (somehow it was easy with Larry and Biffo).

Mr Biffo tweeted the pencils out to his followers, and there was a positive reaction, so I was buzzing as I started the inking.


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