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Digitiser cover process 7 - finished

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Wed, 09 Jan 2019

Ste Pickford

And here's the finished design!

I lightened the background characters layer, reduced the colour saturation, and also added a subtle 'vignette' type layer, making the background go darker towards the edge of the image.

I tinted the quadrants of each of the panel members in one of the four primary colours from the four circles on the 'Digitiser The Show' logo. That took a long time to get right as each colour behaves differently (greens are so much lighter than blues), so had to set the levels differently for each quadrant, and do lots of back and to fiddling with the underlying colour brightnesses to get each quadrant's contrast roughly matching each other. Each quadrant also has a little bit of 'glow' onto the background, which helps them seem like they're more prominent than the background. Mr Biffo in the centre, and a couple of extra gradients in the background finished it off.

The Digitiser logo, and any other text, will be added later. The blue and the green quadrants at the bottom are a little too over saturated for print (they're using colours in the RBG gamut, but outside of the CMYK gamut), so they'll look a bit more muted in print, but should still be OK.

I'm really pleased with it, the client is happy, and from the twitter reaction yesterday the Kickstarter backers seem to like it. Job done!

So, erm, get in touch if you need a cover designing for your product.


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