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Grid Pix - Concept #1

Blog posted by Ste Pickford on Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Ste Pickford

This is a series of posts showing the complete process I went through in creating the cover art for Grid Pix.

The job actually started with the programmer and designer of the game, Carleton Handley, telling me that he was making a Commodore 64 game while we were drinking at the Bury Beer fest in November 2018. The game is a picross type puzzle game, which I thought was a brilliant idea to do on an old 8-bit machine. I drunkenly offered to do a loading screen for him, and he bought me a pint in return. Not a great rate, but it’s always nice to be paid in advance.

I had no idea how I was going to do a C64 loading screen, or what software I would use. I did a couple of doodles that were essentially logo ideas for the name, made of 3D blocks, which I figured I could draw at a low pixel resolution quite easily, but when I got serious and asked to see the game I found out that they already had a loading screen which was a game logo that had already been designed.

At that point, the game’s publisher, James from RGCD, suggested that cover art would be more useful, and we agreed a price and I got started. I never did do a loading screen, so I got a free pint!

My first thought was to do something inspired by MC Escher, something with twisting, overlapping perspective. I got out my Escher book for reference and started doodling on an A3 layout block, but nothing was really working.


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