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2000ad prog 312

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Sat, 21 Feb 2009
Subject: Pickford Bros.

Ste Pickford

I picked up a set of about 10 old 'progs' of 2000ad comic from ebay a couple of weeks ago, to fill a gap in my collection.

I randomly flicked through the first one I that came out of the envelope (prog 312 from about April 1983), and it dropped open on Tharg's Mighty Micro page with a pixel drawing of Judge Dredd by Earthlet Steven Pickford.

What a surprise!

I've already posted some other 2000ad pictures John and I had published when we were kids, but this was one I'd completely forgotten about. I must have done it on the drawing program John wrote on his ZX81 and printed it out in the thermal printer. This was probably just before he got his ZX Spectrum.


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Fame at such a young age ;)


That is a great find, plus you won a fiver too!!!


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