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My First Published Title (I think)

Press cutting added by JPickford on Mon, 30 Mar 2009
Subject: Graffix


I'd completely forgotten about this till I recently found an old copy of Popular Computing Weekly (3-9 November 1983).

Not a game. but I think it was the first thing I ever had published. It was a simple editor for creating UDGs (User Defined Graphics) on the spectrum. These were simply 8x8 tiles which could be redefined for to form custom graphics in ZX BASIC. The utility was written in BASIC too.

As far as I know it didn't sell a single copy but I thought I'd hit the big time when I saw this advert. Even now, the price of 4 quid seems a bit steep. That must have been a lot more in 80's money.

The headlines in that weeks issue were "Texas pulls the plug on micros" (TI ceasing production of their home computer TI99/4A) and "Jupiter hits the dust" (The demise of another computer maker, Jupiter Cantab and their strange FORTH based machine the Jupiter Ace).


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