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GamesTM #21

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Sat, 17 Jul 2004
Subject: Pickford Bros.

Ste Pickford

This is an interview with John and I for "The Players" section of UK multiformat games magazine GamesTM, published July 2004.

It's the summer of 2004 and John and I have just been made redundant, had our studio closed down, had our IP taken away from us, have no source of income, and are generally feeling chewed up, spat out, and rejected by the whole of the video game industry. Then GamesTM decided to interview us for their "The Players" section. Superb timing!

Somehow three mistakes crept into the first paragraph! I claim no credit for the well-thought-of C64 version of Ghosts and Goblins other than it used my loading screen (I did all the graphics for the rubbish Amstrad version though), we worked at Binary Design not Binary Concepts, and Zed Two's first game was Wetrix on the PC, not the shoddy, Japanese developed Gameboy version which came later. Other than that, a nice interview.

"Return of the Kings"? Cheers Mart!


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