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GamesTM #22

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Fri, 01 Oct 2004
Subject: Pickford Bros.

Ste Pickford

An overview of our past games in the Retrospective section of UK multiformat games magazine GamesTM, published in August 2004.

One month after our interview in "The Players" section, we were clogging up the pages of GamesTM once more with a big Retrospective feature on our old stuff in the Retro section. It was the longest Retrospective they'd ever published but still only had space for a tiny fraction of our bloated softography.

Happily there are hardly any mistakes this time, although calling a computer a "Spectrum ZX81" is an unforgivable error for a retro editor!

The third page of the feature shows an unlabelled screenshot which is, to the best of my knowledge, the only published screenshot of Zed Two's completed but unreleased ET game for PlayStation2 and Gamecube.


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