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Desert Island Disks part 1 - Retro Gamer #19

Press cutting added by JPickford on Wed, 11 Jan 2006
Subject: Pickford Bros.


This interview was done in the summer of 2005, and originally slated for the last issue of the original Retro Gamer (Live Publishing), then picked up for the relaunched version of the magazine in late 2005 (Imagine Publishing) and spread over two issues.

Paul Drury, who wrote the article, took us to the pub and promised us free beer for an interview. We were skint, so free beer sounded good. He transcribed the interview word for word from his tapes, but it was very, very sweary. I don't think we swear a lot in real life, but we obviously do without realising it when we've had a couple of pints. Paul kindly removed some of the swearing from his copy to stop us sounding like complete idiots.

The first part of this mammoth interview ends with my 'desert island disks' (my favourite 8 video games).


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