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Plok UK print advert - SNES

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Thu, 10 Oct 2013
Subject: Plok!

Ste Pickford

This is the specialist games-press advert for Plok on the SNES in the UK, published by Nintendo. Isn't it awful? (Click the image to see it in its full horror.)

The weird US print ad was posted by someone on Facebook yesterday (it's weird because half of the advert is for Double Dragon and Battletoads, implying Plok was made by the same people - it wasn't, they were just all games published by the same publisher in the US).

That reminded my of this terrible print advert for the game in the UK, which I had to dig out and scan in.

Being mere developers (you know, the actual creators and owners of the game) we weren't consulted about any promotion, and the only thing we knew about this advert was when we opened up a magazine and saw this double page spread in the middle. After probably skipping past it without noticing it first. I mean, there's no screenshots, none of the ace graphics, or any indication of what sort of game it is, how it plays, what it looks like.

We were really excited when the game was picked up by Nintendo to be published in Europe. We thought we might finally have a hit on our hands, after the US release was be fumbled by Tradewest. What was got was this weird marketing experiment. Thanks guys.


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That's....bizarre to say the least I can only think she's hitting the roof cause of the 'kicky soundtrack' blurring out from her childs room?

Did you not enjoy some financial success with plok then? I have to say while an amazing game I have a handful of friends who ever played it and with adverts like this no wonder :(



I'd completely removed that from my memory.


Mr. Polygon

Should of had Plok with a boom box shooting his limbs everywhere. I sure hope now that you are indie game developers you make your own adverts.



And... how exactly does this advertise the game in any way?


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