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Equinox UK print advert - SNES

Press cutting added by Ste Pickford on Thu, 17 Oct 2013
Subject: Solstice 2

Ste Pickford

Hot on the heels of the truly dreadful UK print advert for our SNES game Plok that I posted last week, I've done a bit more digging and found another advert for one of our SNES games that's almost as bad.

This advert is for our isometric adventure / puzzle game Equinox (which should have been an RPG, but that's another story). Once again it's an advert dominated by odd photography, rather than images of the game, and doesn't really tell you very much about the product at all. And it's really, really ugly.

So both Sony and Nintendo were caught up in the dreadful advertising craze of the mid 90s.

The one good thing about the Equinox stuff is that they had a poster campaign, as well as just print ads. The photo at the bottom was taken on the streets of Manchester, on the way to the pub from the offices where we made the game. As usual back then, we didn't know anything about the sales or promotion of the game, so seeing that poster on the streets was a total surprise. Very lucky that I had a camera with me!


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Wow, they really took the saying "There is no such thing as bad publicity." literally, didn't they.


You know I was planning on sleeping tonight



Hello guys,

I finally found you.

You are the ARTIST who created EQUINOX?


Ste Pickford




Tnk for reply.

I desidered to ask you questions about the game EQUINOX,

you are available?



Ste Pickford




Ciao Ste,

Here are the questions:

Have you used ASSEMBLER ?

it has ben complicated to program it?

Some time ago I phone at Sony, to ask the source code, but they said they had lost. (A shame !!!)

Have you the code sorge ?

You also have the game's sprites?

The graphics you did you and your brother?

How did you do to Z- SORTING?

I saw that sometimes there is some small defect in the paint correctly in the right depth.

In your code you have solved the ---> Painter's problem?

http://retrospec.sgn.net/config/gamelogos/isomot.gif or


Mike Webb, he made development tools for Solstice 2.

It is a MAP EDITOR? I can have it?

All for now.

Tnk to yuo for answers.


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