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Another future sport game, with relatively rare 2 player support, which used simple vector graphics in order to get super fast scrolling speeds on the underpowered Spectrum.

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Hyperbowl screen shot 1 Hyperbowl screen shot 2

Project details


Mon, 01 Dec 1986

Development studio:

Binary Design

Main client / publisher:




Proper Pickford Bros game?

No, either a work-for-hire project, or we aren't claiming much credit for this game.

Core studio team:

Steve Hughes

Game Designer, Programmer

Gary Ireland


Phil Alsop


Ste Pickford

Graphic Artist

Jez Nelson

Graphic Artist

David Whittaker

Music and Sound Effects

Hyperbowl ZX Spectrum EU cover


ZX Spectrum



Release date:

Mon, 01 Dec 1986






Binary Design



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Steve Hughes


Ste Pickford

This was a frustrating game to work on - not that I did much work on it - because Steve Hughes, the designer and programmer, liked to be self-sufficient and design games where he could create everything himself, hence the computer generated vector graphics for the ship and the arena.

I think Steve did the ship, so there was nothing left for me to do but the font, the panel and the Spectrum loading screen.


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